You’ve heard this term many times. To put it simply, it means the process of securing and protecting your business’ critical online assets from, well, the very bullies and criminals who want to access your data and use it for their benefit (and ruin your business).

That’s why we have a complete listing of services, resources and experienced professionals in place to help protect you from these online bullies.

GBQ’s team of experts helps our clients manage the risks of running and growing a business in a threat-filled digital world. We do this by helping them to identify, catalog, prioritize, and manage information security privacy and compliance risks. We facilitate clients operationalizing risk management into their standard business process by assessing their risk posture, working alongside to improve their environment and then staying with them to help safeguard their operation.

Our team has worked hard to develop a framework of security solutions that equip you to protect what’s important, know when it’s at risk and promote a positive security stance to your stakeholders. We balance our clients next to industry standards and practices, use the assessment to help them prioritize improvements to their security and privacy programs, and stay with them to help continually safeguard the business by applying risk management principals.

Services include:

  • Program Compliance and Risk Assessments
  • Technical Security Testing and Assessments
  • Application Testing and Assessments
  • Attack and Penetration Testing

Beyond our assessments, we can also provide your business with improvement and management services to help strengthen the stability of your security:

  • Security Program Development
  • Vendor Risk Management Development and Facilitated Services
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Scanning Bureau
  • Security Committee Facilitation