State taxing authorities are becoming more aggressive in seeking out underpaying and non-compliant taxpayers. So where is your company feeling the pinch: budgets, headcount and/or a lack of available work hours in the day?

With the growing national and global economy, states are expanding their reach beyond their typical corners of the country. Technological, business climate and legislative changes are driving a need never before seen in the state and local tax arena. Such changes require companies to react swiftly to mitigate exposure, manage effective tax rates, handle correspondence with tax jurisdictions and prepare for that unavoidable and dreadful audit. But do those changes also lend opportunities for expanding operations, hiring and the need for economic incentive requests?

GBQ’s State and Local Tax (SALT) group is made up of experienced professionals available to help effectively plan and manage your every state and local tax need. GBQ’s SALT practice continues to be among the top performers in client service in our region and will continue expanding its geographic reach to fulfill the needs of clients wherever they exist. Our SALT team has the technical knowledge and experience to handle the sophisticated needs of progressive, local and nationally focused companies.