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Bankruptcy Related Services

Companies in bankruptcy face unique challenges and GBQ’s Forensic and Dispute Advisory Services professionals have worked with bankrupt companies in a variety of ways.  We understand the bankruptcy process and can help bankrupt companies by assisting with:

  • Damages related analysis and/or expert testimony in litigation to which the estate is a party
  • Business valuations to determine the value of estate businesses or assets on a going concern or liquidation basis
  • The analysis of potential preferential transfers or fraudulent conveyances
  • Solvency analysis related to a particular transaction or as of a point in time
  • The financial elements of an “alter ego” or “piercing the corporate veil” analysis or claim
  • Forensic investigations to identify uses of funds or additional assets available for recovery and distribution
  • Insurance claims related to loss events that contributed or lead to the bankruptcy filing
  • Preparation and review of budgets, business plans, operating results, cash flow analyses and projections