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Compliance/Loan Staff

As companies continue to downsize and/or centralize certain responsibilities in-house, companies require assistance regarding state tax compliance. Such assistance may range from discrete miscellaneous consulting questions about due dates or rates to resolving highly specialized state tax matters regarding apportionment, situsing and sourcing, filing methodologies, disallowance statutes. In addition, companies may determine that it is less costly or administrative burdensome to outsource the entire tax process related to certain state taxes to an outside service provider. GBQ can assist your company in handling the consulting questions related to your tax function. GBQ also can assist your company in coordinating and managing the entire tax function related to one or more particular tax types. GBQ can assist your company with tax compliance by providing your company with appropriately qualified and experienced loan staff that also serve a good fit for the culture of your organization.

Anthony Ott - Atlanta CPA firm
  • Anthony Ott
  • Director, State and Local Tax Services
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