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RAR Compliance Services

Amending state and local income tax filings resulting from the final determination of a federal audit can be a burdensome and somewhat daunting task. GBQ’s State Revenue Agent’s Report (RAR) Compliance Service provides you with a valuable resource to amend the applicable state and local income tax filings. With our team of 40 tax professionals and dedicated State and Local Tax Practice (SALT), our experience will relieve your tax staff from the compliance process associated with the federal audit which can require significant work in a very short time period.

Revenue Agent’s Report (RAR) Compliance Services

GBQ’s tax professionals utilize our experience and proven processes to ensures cost effectiveness and maximizes your tax benefits. Our process includes:

  • Review RAR issues to identify all potential tax savings
  • Analyze originally filed state and local income tax returns to identify additional tax minimization strategies unrelated to the federal changes;
  • Utilize state amnesties and voluntary compliance initiatives to determine the most cost effective filing procedure and reduction of liability;
  • Prepare amended state income tax returns and state and local tax notification letters within the state required due dates (typically 30 to 90 days following the RAR);
  • Prepare applicable interest and penalty calculations; and
  • Review all state adjustments and work with the Departments of Revenue to resolve any incorrect adjustments and minimize penalty and interest.
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  • Director, State & Local Tax Services
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