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Property Tax Compliance & Consulting

Personal Property Tax

May not be fun, but someone has to do the dirty work.  Allow GBQ’s state and local tax team to alleviate the additional administrative burden of handling annual multistate personal property tax filings.

Compliance and Controversy Services

Our personal property tax compliance services consist of handling the annual filing of personal property tax reports in all state and local jurisdictions, where applicable.  In addition, our team performs a review of fixed asset detail for proper asset classification.  GBQ will also prepare check request and payment vouchers as requested by the client.

In addition, GBQ’s state and local tax group has successfully managed multiple multistate personal property tax audits and appeals.

Real Estate Tax Consulting Services

Although the economy has begun to recover from the recent economic downturn, real estate values have not fully returned to their pre-recession levels.  Despite this fact, many properties remain taxed at the higher historical levels, far above fair market value.  Due to the potential for significant real estate tax savings, GBQ assists clients with real estate interests (typically in excess of $2M of assessed value at a single location) in office, retail, general commercial, industrial and multi-family facilities to determine if property values are properly assessed.  Property owners often treat real estate tax as an expense that cannot be managed.  This is not the case, however, and a review of your property holdings could identify a potential real estate valuation appeal opportunity with significant current and prospective benefit.

Real Estate Tax Review and Appeals

In a real estate tax services engagement, GBQ will review the client’s real estate holdings to determine and calculate proper values, coordinate outside legal counsel, appraisers and expert witnesses, manage the appeal process, and calculate the tax savings achieved from any successful reductions in real estate values.

Taxpayers that own real estate should be cognizant of the three-year cycle for which county valuations and appraisals tax place.  To better understand the real estate tax consulting services, or inquire about your county’s revaluation process, please contact a member of the SALT team.

Please be aware, the filing of an appeal to real estate valuation in Ohio and other states is considered the practice of law. In those instances where challenging an assessment is necessary, GBQ will work with its clients to identify a law firm to perform all legal matters.

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