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Research and Development Credits and Incentives

Through our relationship with BDO USA, LLP, GBQ is able to offer qualified companies the ability to claim the R&D tax credit. Generally, if your company pays or performs services to develop or improve a product or process in any of the following area, you may have an R&D credit:

  • Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Computer Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

BDO USA, LLP has helped hundreds of companies claim and sustain upon exam and at the appeals level more than $1.2 billion of R&D credits. Based on the principal of underlying R&D benefits, providing incentives for experimentation to develop new or improved products, processes, or software, BDO’s approach has helped companies achieve R&D credits by:

1. Developing an understanding of the company in how it develops and improves its products, processes, or software.

2. Determine which of the stages of that process comprise qualified elements of a process of experimentation; and

3. Identify and document the qualified activities, projects, and costs in terms of those stages/elements, which include the statutory “four-part test” requirements and exclusions.

GBQ works with BDO USA, LLP in meeting with prospective candidates to review the rules and requirements to determine if a company would qualify for an R&D credit. Qualified companies would then be provided a proposal which outlines and quantifies the projected benefits and costs to perform the study. GBQ works with BDO USA, LLP in gathering data and coordinating the project timeline to help address our clients’ needs. In addition to the federal tax credit, the GBQ SALT team will assists qualified companies to obtain state tax incentives for companies that have qualified research expenditures.