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Better Your Bottomline: Incentives, Resources, and Tax Breaks For Your Family Business

January 28, 2015 8:00 am

Learn about incentives and resources available for your family business during this roundtable discussion will be led by Jim Bechtel, Director of Assurance & Business Advisory Services at GBQ Partners, a Conway Center service provider. Additional panelists from GBQ will include Marti Brenner, Director of Location and Incentive Services, and Lisa Lamphere, Senior Manager, Location and Incentive Services.

During the program, the GBQ team will discuss:

  • An overview of Ohio state and local incentives including tax credits, real property tax abatements, grants and financing programs.
  • Examples of ordinary business activities that may trigger state and/or local incentive opportunities.
  • Items to consider prior to pursuing incentives such as sharing confidential information, ability to utilize benefits and future reporting requirements.

Heather Howell at or 614-253-4820.

The program is free for Conway Center members and $35 for non-members. Family business leaders attending for the first time may attend as our guest.

Ohio Dominican University
Griffin Student Center – Room 274
1216 Sunbury Road
Columbus, OH 43219