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ICS Security Incidents: What We Know So Far

August 15, 2017 4:30 – 6:30 PM

We may all know of StuxNet and DarkEnergy, but what about Havex, Code Red, Slammer, Nachi, Blaster, MUMU, Korgo, Ahack, Conficker, and Shamoon? Or BrickerBot, Mirai, Hajime?

Oh behalf of the Central Ohio Chapter of Control System Security Association International, you’re invited to join us at Seventh Son Brewing Company, 1101 North 4th Street, Columbus, for a discussion lead by Bengt Gregory-Brown. He will be covering what information we have on industrial control systems (ICS) security incidents and what we can reasonably extrapolate from that information. Some historical events and open data sources will be presented.

Hosts include:

  • Derek Harp, Chairman and Founder (CS2AI)
  • Columbus CS2AI Chapter President Jim McGlone, CMO of Kenexis Consulting and Director of the ISA Safety and Security Division
  • Mike Radigan, Senior Advisor on Cyber Risk Management at ABB and Executive Director of the Business of Security
  • Doug Davidson, Director of Information Risk Management and CyberSecurity at GBQ Partners
  • Mike Haas, Systems Manager of Facilities Operations and Building Automation at The Ohio State University
  • Bengt Gregory-Brown, Principal ICS Security Analyst at NexDefense and the Sable Lion Companies

Food and beverages courtesy of the following sponsors: ABB, Kenexis, NexDefense, and GBQ Partners

  • Doug Davidson
  • Director of Information Technology Services
  • (614) 947-5340