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Proven, Yet Little-Known Ways to Drive Innovation and Growth – SOLD OUT!

September 21, 2017 7:30 - 9:15 AM


GBQ is pleased to host Urko Wood, Founder and President of Reveal Growth Consultants, Inc. for insights and discussion on the ‘jobs-to-be-done’ innovation approach. Over 400 of the Fortune 1000 have used this approach to launch winning new products, increase market share, and generate revenue.

Learn how market leaders:

  • Dramatically increase new product success rates (2-3X)
  • Create new offerings, messaging, and experiences that connect
  • Improve other approaches, e.g., design thinking, lean startup, etc.
  • Stop wasting time and money on ideas customers don’t want
  • Accelerate revenue growth

As part of the agenda, we are delighted to have executive guests from Valvoline, and Reservoir Venture Partners participating with GBQ in a panel discussion about their experience driving innovation and growth.

7:30 AM — Complimentary buffet breakfast
8:00 AM — Insights and stories, panel discussion, large group discussion
9:15 AM — Informal conversation concluding at 10:00 AM

GBQ Partners LLC, 230 West Street, Suite 700, Columbus, OH  43215


“The jobs-to-be-done approach (that Reveal uses) captivates people. They see the output and go, ‘Wow – this is really different! This is a different way of thinking.’ There’s actually some science and a unique skill set that goes into this that delivers information you can’t get just having casual conversations with customers.”

– Jeff Baker, Customer Insights, Category Management, and Strategy, Valvoline


“Urko helped me estimate the size of the market for a new product we were developing, which isn’t easy when nothing like it exists so there was no historical revenue to benchmark. But the jobs-to-be-done approach made it possible.”

– Curtis D. Crocker, Managing Partner, Reservoir Venture Partners


“One of the most important things that came out of our work with Urko, that enabled us to create new services and revenue, was a shift in our mentality from focusing on what we know how to do, to what the client is trying to get done. Instead of saying “Here’s the audit report,” now we ask, “What is the client trying to get done with the audit report and how can we provide good business advice along with that work product?”

– Darci Congrove, Managing Director, GBQ Partners