For over 35 years, GBQ has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as only savvy accountants and consultants can do…with green bagels.

GBQ’s green bagel tradition dates back to 1980 when the idea was presented to our three founding partners – Morris Groner, Jack Boyle and Ron Quillin. The annual event was embraced and encouraged by Boyle and Quillin, both of whom were Irish.  And that’s how GBQ’s Green Bagels and our unique way of showing client appreciation came to be.

In the early years, GBQ associates hand delivered “Irish Six Packs” (a half dozen green bagels, complete with a St. Patrick’s day poem and all the proper bagel fixings).  Even though St. Patrick’s Day is in the middle of our busiest time of year, this tradition has always been a welcomed break for our associates.  We have enjoyed our partnership with Columbus-based Block’s Bagels as they provide us with the legendary green bagels year in and year out.  As the firm grew, so did our bagel order.  At our highest point, we were delivering more than 700 Six Packs on St. Patrick’s Day.  We eventually had to hire outside help and engage a courier service (GBQ “leprechauns”, if you will) to help with delivery.

In 2010, we decided to put a new twist on this tradition, and our Green Bagel Open House was born at our Columbus office. Since that time, clients and friends of the firm are invited to join our associates for breakfast and networking. The same (now legendary) Green Bagel Six Packs are provided to eat/take home.

As GBQ grows and expands geographically, so does our desire to continue this tradition and our enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day. This year, we are excited to expand our love for green to our Cincinnati office. To express how LUCKY we are to work with such great clients, and friends, we will be providing Shamrock cookies (thanks to the good folks at Busken).

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