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Start Spreading the News: GBQ is in the Big Apple

February 17th, 2012 by Brian Bornino

I am extremely excited about opening new valuation offices in New York and Philadelphia as we begin our journey toward building a market presence on the East Coast.  But I am even more excited about the professionals we found to run these offices.  Both Ray Ghelardi and David Bookbinder are top-notch, highly-experienced valuation professionals, both of whom have held leadership positions at several national valuation practices.  Not to mention, they are true experts in the fair value/financial reporting niche who will certainly improve our quality and capabilities within this area.  In short, these are two valuation professionals that could have chosen to work in almost any valuation practice in the country…I am very proud that they chose GBQ, as I think it is a testament to the reputation that our whole valuation team has worked hard to achieve.

GBQ’s valuation practice is growing exponentially, having hired 4 people in 2012 already….3 of which came to us from national valuation practices.  I am proud that we continue to “raise the bar” and pursue our goal of building a national valuation practice.  The addition of Philly and NY offices is a big step toward this goal and I have never been so excited to “Start Spreading the News”…just don’t ask me to start singing Sinatra!

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