While the public accounting industry transitions from a paper-oriented environment to the digital world, this is not exactly a new concern for business; technological enhancements continue to make the lives of those employed in the industry and related clients much easier, which ultimately improve audit and tax engagement efficiencies.

One particular task that all practices within public accounting face on a regular basis is obtaining client signatures and doing so in a timely manner. More often than not, documents are run through the digital cloud, until they must be printed, signed, re-imported, and re-sent, defeating the purpose of the paperless feature altogether. To eliminate the need to work through more steps than necessary when gathering signatures, apps like DocuSign “bring the oldest authentication method in the world into the 21st century” according to Accounting Today.  This app (available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices) allows clients to create a digital signature and then apply it to whatever document they wish. The app can also be used to import documents from email or other sources and route them to clients for signature.

Okay, you now are wondering “is this app legit/secure?” The answer is yes! The app complies with the eSign Act, indicating that signatures used via DocuSign are legally binding and therefore perfectly legitimate for tax documents, representation letters, etc. Consider utilizing the 14 day free trial for DocuSign with your clients and save a few minutes (which add up in the long run) when obtaining required signatures.

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