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The Glamorous Life of Auditors!

February 21st, 2013 by Associate

Did you know that behind every major award ceremony, there is a Certified Public Accountant?  We even get to attend the event!  And you thought all we did was crunch numbers!  Last year, we discussed the process behind the Academy Awards in our blog, Watching the Oscars, Did you Know? But there is also an award ceremony a little bit closer to home, for which GBQ has been helping out behind the scenes for several years.

Since 1996, TechColumbus has honored those in the greater Columbus area for their technological innovations and each year, it gets harder and harder for the selection committee to narrow down the hundreds of qualified candidates to determine who is making the biggest impact on the growing Columbus technology community.

But before the nominations can even make it to the selection committee, they have to be
verified.  This year, I had the privilege of heading up the nomination verification team. Between the seven GBQers on the team, we made well over 300 phone calls to everyone who had been nominated to congratulate them on their nominations and make sure the nomination information had been submitted correctly.

Because of the role we play, the nomination team gets to attend the award ceremony, including a front row seat for the awards.  This year, there was a little side bet among the team to see who had verified the most winning nominations (the prize started out as a cruise to anywhere and ended up as a trip in a kayak down the Olentangy; pretty glamorous, huh?!)  You can check out all of the winners of this year’s awards here.  And you might also catch me enjoying my kayak trip this summer!

Whether it’s the Academy Awards or the TechColumbus Innovation Awards, it wouldn’t be
possible without accountants who ensure the integrity of each and every nomination.

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