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The IRS’ “Dirty Dozen”

February 24th, 2014 by Associate

It’s “Dirty Dozen” time, which ultimately sounds more interesting than “the IRS’ way of listing their top twelve scams for each tax year”.  This listing is a way to inform taxpayers of the fraudulent schemes that are present around tax time and to emphasize the more likely scenarios.  Preparing your own taxes can be frustrating, and paying someone to do them can also add to it; but be aware of those individuals out there who claim to be “preparers.”   If you’re surprised by the fact that you received an overabundance of cash in your refund, maybe your gut instinct is right and you should reconsider who is preparing your return.  This isn’t an Oprah show and not everyone gets a car, or in this case, a refund.

Some other schemes that the article mentions relate to identity theft, which is always a big concern. I have seen clients send us notices where it discusses the filing of a return that we have yet to file.  This is a big indicator that something is wrong and that someone has enough information to file a return using your personal information. The work involved to get the situation corrected can be time consuming and result in delays of actual refunds, if applicable, so please contact your CPA if this situation should arise. Click here to learn more about the tax scams going around for 2014 and hopefully pick up a few tips.

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