Hi, I’m Shane Haney, and I spent the summer in the tax department at GBQ. This fall, I’ll be heading back to Miami University to finish my undergraduate degree in Accountancy and minor in Business Analytics. I’ll then start working on my Masters of Accountancy in the combined program in order to reach my 150 hours.

When I was initially assigned tax at GBQ, I was afraid my internship would be really boring and monotonous since I’ve always heard audit is the “fun side of accounting” and tax, well, is not. I can assure you though that this is definitely an accounting myth! It surprised me that in tax, you get to work with all the types imaginable – individuals, corporations, partnerships – and sometimes all within the same day! Even when you work with two of the same type though, it’s always different and a new challenge is presented. The work feels like a puzzle, and even though you have all of the pieces, it can be difficult to find the way of putting it together. Throughout the internship, it was exciting for me to work with such an extensive list of clients and having control over my own schedule.

Working within GBQ’s Tax Department was great too because I feel like all of the work here is truly a group effort. We all have our own assigned projects, but if you have a specific question about the software or how to do a certain part of the return, everyone is always so eager and willing to help! Also, how could anyone complain about this incredible office space?

Overall, I am so pleased with the experience I had in tax this summer and even though I still feel like audit is where I’ll end up, having this experience on “the other side of accounting” has really shown me not only how much respect the tax department deserves, but also how much fun tax work truly can be!


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