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Top 3 leadership qualities from an associate’s perspective

January 16th, 2012 by Mary Stucke

Working under a multitude of bosses gives any associate a wonderful opportunity: the chance to witness what qualities make management successful which then provides the knowledge to develop your own leadership style in order to grow professionally.  As an associate with a host of superiors, the following are the top three qualities that have made a lasting impression:

  1. Investing an interest in your associate’s professional growth – it can’t always be about the numbers. This is a “given” but it still warrants some attention.  Ask your associates what you can do to help them achieve their own business goals, take interest in recent projects they have started, etc.  An open-door policy is a great way to nurture any associate’s development.
  2. Recognizing associate efforts. Words aren’t everything, but they are a good start.  “Thank you” e-mails or stopping by your associate’s desk to express your appreciation are simple ways to instill confidence in your team members and provide the motivation sometimes needed to go that extra mile.
  3. Being approachable. No associate should ever feel like they can’t talk to their boss.  There are obviously boundaries involved but an accessible and friendly supervisor has certainly never been the cause of a two weeks’ notice.  We spend well over 40 hours every week with our coworkers – remembering details about staff members’ lives reminds them that it’s not just about the paycheck.  Besides, it makes work life that much more intriguing!

* Thank you to Michelle Beasley, Assurance Senior for her contributions to this post.

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