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Two Debuts in the world of GBQ: Yuengling and APT

October 31st, 2011 by Mary Stucke

October was a busy month for many at GBQ as the introduction of Audit Planning Tool (APT) caused a stir in the office.  I am sure many cups of coffee were consumed as we held a three day training session to introduce this new BDO audit tool.  However, causing an even bigger and arguably a more welcomed splash into the cups of many in Columbus and those of us at GBQ (after hours of course) was the debut of Yuengling.  Let’s learn a little bit about these two fine additions to Columbus.

How old are they? Yuengling is the oldest brewing company in America, while APT has only been tested and used for a little over a year now.

What they offer? APT is a web based tool that provides a better connection between planning and performing an audit, while Yuengling is a well-crafted brew, offering many selections that can be purchased at a relatively low price for the quality.

How are they related? While APT will provide for some early on headaches in implementing and learning, Yuengling is there as an option at the end of a long day to help those relax (Warning: headaches may also be caused if not used appropriately).  And when we celebrate the eventual efficiency and effectiveness of APT, Yuengling will again be there as an optional reward.

* Thank you to Kyle Atwood, CPA, Assurance Senior for his contributions to this post.

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