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Where’s My Refund? Or, will I ever get my refund?

February 23rd, 2012 by Associate

According to the IRS, a glitch in the popular Where’s My Refund? on the IRS website has been fixed.  This is welcome relief to numerous individuals who had been receiving a message that the IRS had no information regarding their return, even though it acknowledged that the electronically filed return had been accepted. The IRS is now stating that this glitch is fixed and that the estimated date of the refund should be provided to the taxpayer going forward.  In addition, the IRS is claiming that all taxpayers electronically filing their returns should receive their refund in 10 to 21 days, as has been the historical average.

This is another frustration to taxpayers on-top of an overall frustration with the refund process this year. As if filing returns isn’t painful enough, in January the time in getting refunds out to taxpayers was being delayed up to a week beyond the projected date given on “Where’s My Refund?”  However, the IRS is also claiming that this issue has been fixed and refunds are making their way out in the 10 to 21 day timeframe (the IRS issues more than 90% of the refunds within 21 days).

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