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Quarterly Technical Update - Q3

Oct 08, 2015  You are cordially invited to join us on October 8th for lunch and a presentation delivered by members of the BDO National Accounting and Auditing Department.

SALTrends: TechTalk

Nov 03, 2015  Join us for our next SALTrends Webinar, TechTalk. This webinar is designed to assist technology companies with state and local taxes.

Perspectives 2015

Nov 03, 2015  Join us on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 for the 9th annual GBQ Perspectives event designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

The Advantages of Proper Construction Project Accounting

Nov 12, 2015  Join GBQ, Kegler Brown and Calvey Consulting as we discuss the advantages of proper construction project accounting.

The Successful Contractor of the Future

Dec 01, 2015  Join us to discuss how to prosper in a cyclical market and leverage your competitive advantage by improving productivity.

Dispelling 10 Myths About the Valuation of Your Business (Cincinnati)

Dec 11, 2015  Join us on Friday, December 11th for a fun, fast-paced discussion about the most common valuation myths.