Approaching the next level of intelligence for business functions. Or, put simply, it means that we use technology to reduce, remove and reengineer repetitive tasks that impede productivity.

Process Engineering and Automation

Technology can provide a number of efficiencies but there is no value in automating an inefficient process that doesn’t serve the business. Whether you are still processing orders in the factory or picking orders in the warehouse with paper or invoicing or managing sales with older systems the first step in many automation projects is documenting the process in order to identify inefficiencies, exceptions that create chaos and uncertainty and missed steps that create data integrity and customer satisfaction issues.

GBQ can help you improve the efficiency of existing processes as a first step in moving toward more productive automation.

Robotic Process Automation

We get it: No one likes to be unproductive. The use of Intelligent Automation (IA) promises an increase in productivity and profitability and enables organizations to make processes smarter and more efficient without undergoing an invasive process redesign.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one tool or process of an Intelligent Automation program. RPA involves the application of cost-effective software that enables data automation, increases efficiencies and decreases discrepancies. RPA and IA have the potential to make business processes more strategic and effective. Both RPA and IA have significant advantages over traditional IT implementations and implementing RPA or an IA program allows employees to expand their current responsibilities.

Typically, firms find opportunities for RPA where employees are conducting the same tasks manually on a consistent basis. In the typical accounting department opportunities to apply RPA techniques to improve processes and gain efficiencies are typically found in the following activity areas:

  • Tax
  • Treasury
  • Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Reporting
  • Operational & General Accounting
  • Capital Management & Investments