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Dec 6

2022 GBQuarterly: Year-End Individual Tax Update

Register to join GBQ's Tax & Business Advisory Services team as they discuss timely year-end individual tax planning strategies.
Dec 7

2022 GBQuarterly: Year-End Business Tax Update

Join GBQ's Tax & Business Advisory Services team as they explore year-end tax planning strategies and trends for businesses.
Dec 8

SALTrends – Multistate Income Tax: Year in Review and 2023 Outlook

Hear from our State & Local Tax Services Director Sara Goldhardt and Manager John Petzinger as they review the current year and provide valuable insight into key tax topics and trends for 2023.
Dec 13

401(k) Audits: Best Practices and Updates

To ensure compliance, thereby minimizing risk to your employees and company, register to join The Siekmann Company and GBQ for an informal discussion as they share timely 401(k) audit guidance.
Dec 15

CyberTrends – Your Smart Fridge May Be Listening: Securing Home Internet-Enabled Devices

Protect your smart speakers, refrigerator, door locks and other smartphone-controlled, internet-connected devices from malicious hackers by registering to join our cybersecurity experts as they share actionable tips to secure your home and IoT devices.

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