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Dec 3

Multistate Income Tax: Year in Review and 2021 Outlook

Register to join State & Local Tax Services Director Sara Goldhardt as she reviews the current year and provides valuable insight into key tax topics and trends for 2021.
Dec 7

GBQuarterly: Year-End Individual Tax Update

Register to join GBQ's tax specialists Jennifer Zimmerman and Scott Eichar as they discuss timely year-end individual tax planning strategies.
Dec 8

GBQuarterly: Year-End Business Tax Update

Join GBQ's tax specialists as they explore year-end tax planning strategies and trends for businesses.
Dec 9

Restaurant Industry Tax Strategies and Year-End Update

Register to join our tax experts as we review the current year for the restaurant industry and provide valuable insight into key tax topics for year-end tax planning strategies, trends for 2021 and beyond.

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