We are innovative and cutting edge, but . . . without the cuts!

GBQ Information Technology Services is a team of builders, breakers, operators, and auditors experienced in IT strategy, enterprise risk, cybersecurity, productivity solutions such as data analytics as well as IT audit and assurance. We bring new and innovative thinking to your business’ IT strategy, because after all – the biggest risk you can take is one that does not involve thinking outside of the box.

That’s why GBQ IT Services’ team is populated by a multi-disciplinary team of operators, auditors, and cyber and assurance professionals; each of which is dedicated to serving up the solutions your business needs to avoid any and all cybersecurity risks. And that’s not all:

  • Our team is supported by a strong history of operational work.
  • We utilize technology to support our clients’ goals, sales, and delivery.
  • Client service is the key to our success. We treat all work as a project with specific task lists, task assignments, and due dates. We regularly communicate and ensure you are kept informed, every step of the way.