Cheaper computer power, seemingly unlimited storage and expanded bandwidth fuels unprecedented opportunities to create value through innovation and productivity gains, even as it disrupts. The world we live, work and play in is changing before our eyes.

IT Audit Services - Columbus CPA Firm

But we can’t just watch. The imperative is to participate, innovate, shift and change as our customers, competitors, markets and models shift and change. Many businesses hold back on innovating out of caution that comes from an apprehension of risk – risks brought on by the pace of change, the fear of making the wrong technical choices, the uncertainty and cost of regulations, and potential threats of cybercrime and “hacking”, both real and imagined.

What we don’t know will hurt us. Or at the least hold us back. In our rapidly changing world there are many risks to address. We believe the biggest risk of all is not moving forward. GBQ IT Services provides risk reducing information technology services that build value, protect value and assure value.

IT Services and solutions including cyber security, IT strategy and architecture, project and solution delivery management, control selection and implementation and IT audit and assurance are delivered by an experienced team of builders, breakers, operators and auditors expert in both legacy and edge technologies across broad markets with companies ranging from emerging small businesses to large enterprise firms.