Strategic Planning and Facilitation

We understand that strategic planning is more than just sitting in a room and talking about the future. Converting a written plan into results is all about execution.

Several factors contribute to the successful or unsuccessful implementation of your strategic plan:

  • Leadership commitment to the plan
  • Achieving buy-in from management and staff
  • Having clearly defined goals and objectives aligned with the overall business objectives of the company
  • Assigning “ownership” to the right individual(s) to carry out assigned responsibilities
  • Establishing realistic timelines for implementing tasks

Turning your organization’s strategic plan into reality can be a challenging endeavor.

But it doesn’t have to be. What separates the GBQ team from other players in the strategic planning business is implementation. We help both large and small businesses prepare strategic plans and implement action items post-meeting.

Organizational Assessments

Effective organizational assessments provide clarity for how organizations are functioning within organizational structures and key performance indicators. Identifying areas of ineffectiveness either in leadership or department performance can provide insights into how your business may need to transform and re-align to function even more efficiently and effectively.

Effective Goal Setting and Tactical Planning

Goal setting is an important method for deciding how your business wants to execute on key performance indicators.

It’s important to separate what’s important from what’s irrelevant. Meaning, this is the part of the process where we help your business focus on what’s crucial to the effective development of your human resources functions and push aside and/or remove those functions that are a barrier to strategic growth.

Once we’ve helped you to “clear the path,” we then establish goals that motivate the leaders within the organization and cascade to the individual contributor. We help you match the work to the strategy and in doing so, create departmental and tactical plans for the individual contributor.

Over time, your organization will work toward building a culture of confidence, based on the successful achievement of goals.