You can rely on GBQ’s team to focus on what matters most—your business and your employees.

Investors today require greater reliability, transparency and understanding of internal controls. GBQ professionals assist companies in meeting these expectations by ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the information contained in the company’s financial statements.

We offer four different levels of financial statement assurance:

  • Audit: provides the highest level of financial assurance by requiring outside verification of information and testing of transactions.
  • Review: provides limited assurance and includes analytical procedures, inquiries and industry-wide comparisons.
  • Compilation: the compiling of financial information into formal financial statements, without verification of or opinions about the resulting document.
  • Agreed-upon procedure: looks at only targeted pieces of a financial statement or control system, usually to fulfill the request of a specific user group.

We use a paperless process and our partners review in the field, which means faster turnaround of the financial statements. We can meet your desired time frame for issuance of the final financial statements.

GBQ has successfully transitioned 24 clients from the Big 4 firms in recent years with 100 percent retention. These transitions were successful due to treating these companies as important clients of the firm, significant amount of time and attention given to each account, improved levels of service as compared to what the clients had been receiving, reasonable fees and low team turnover. We can successfully guide your company through a smooth transition.