GBQ IT Services offers a complete listing of services, resources, and experienced professionals in place to help protect your firm.

Our team has worked hard to develop a framework of security solutions that equip you to protect what’s important, know when it’s at risk and promote a positive security stance to your stakeholders. We assess to benchmark to industry standards and practices, use the assessment to help prioritize improvements to their security and privacy programs, and stay with them to help continually safeguard the business by applying risk management principles as they manage a continuously improving program.

Beyond cybersecurity assessments, we can also provide your business with improvement and management services to help strengthen the stability of your security. Such offerings include cybersecurity program development, security awareness and training, managed vulnerability scanning, key software and tools selection to help protect our client’s business.

GBQ IT Services cybersecurity services include:

  • Cyber Risk Assessments — Likewise, firms are faced with security decisions that require prioritization. Risks assessments allow a holistic view of understanding that threats might affect company assets and prioritize safeguarding activities based on the likelihood and impact of each threat.
  • Attack and Penetration Testing — Penetration tests test the overall strength of an organization’s cyber defenses (i.e., the technology, the processes and the people protecting the firm’s information assets) by simulating the objectives and actions of an attacker.
  • Vulnerability and Security Testing — Non Penetration Testing Security Tests Other security tests approach testing the security of your environment in different ways. GBQ provides application testing, MS Active Directory, MS Exchange, vulnerability scanning and assessment, sensitive data scanning, dark web scanning and other security tests that may be more applicable to the risks your firm needs to manage.
  • Application Testing and Assessments — Applications form the lifeline of any business today – and they are under attack more than ever before. Where previously we focused our attention on securing organizations’ network parameters, today the application level is where the focus is for attackers. Application Security is built around the concept of ensuring that the code written for an application does what it was built to do, and keeps the contained data secure.
  • Compliance Assessments — Firms are challenged to keep with the demands of increased security and privacy regulations. As part of GBQ’s Enterprise Governance, Compliance, and Risk Services program compliance assessments identify gaps in what a firm should be doing from a regulatory perspective (HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, etc.).

Beyond our assessments, we can also provide your business with improvement and management services to help strengthen the stability of your security:

  • Cybersecurity Program Development — Using leading practice frameworks such as NIST CSF, CIS 20, ITIL, ISO, and others, GBQ helps clients build a security and privacy program properly scaled to the firm’s risk tolerance and profile. We assess active programs and help facilitate the creation for firms that have a need to create a formal security operation.
  • Security Awareness and Training — Equipping the team members of an organization with the information they need to protect themselves and their organization’s assets from loss or harm is one of the most effective ways to improve security posture. We provide security awareness training to meet security and compliance requirements.
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning — Managed Vulnerability Scanning allows you to see where your vulnerabilities lie, and a comprehensive report will give you the advice and tools you need to remediate these problems. GBQ provides managed vulnerability scanning for those firms who want expert assistance in managing company vulnerabilities.
  • Software & Tools — GBQ provides a select set of key security software and tools to help protect our client’s business.