Helping maximize middle-market client’s transaction readiness and transaction success rate by identifying potential due diligence issues, de-risking initiatives and operational improvements through an integrated approach to significantly increase value.

The Challenge
The unspoken truth is that 100% of all privately-owned companies eventually change hands. It is just a matter of how and when this happens. Successfully running a privately held company requires a tremendous amount of time, energy and focus; which can make planning a challenge and leave one of the most important personal and professional outcomes to fate. To properly plan and position yourself and your company for an eventual exit, there are several key steps that can be taken to maximize value and keep you in control of the process.

The Solution
GBQ has a dedicated team of professionals who can be engaged on short notice to help execute a liquidity event. These professionals also have access to GBQ’s team of assurance, tax and consulting associates. Our goal is to significantly increase value and complete a liquidity transaction.

The Services – Corporate Liquidity Services (pdf)
While liquidity events have similarities and recurring themes, every deal is different. Consequently, we model our services depending on many factors, including the internal capabilities, overall timeline and available client resources. Our comprehensive process can be tailored to your specific situation no matter what stage you are in.