Compensation Systems and Management

An effective compensation system is designed to help your business attract and retain the talent needed to support your strategic goals and maximize your financial resources.

Our GBQ Human Resources Consulting Services team has state-of-the-art compensation software designed to address your unique size, geographic location and any additional wage requirements you may have.

Ultimately, your compensation system will provide competitive wage ranges for each job position, that reflect comparable market salaries that are internally equitable. We additionally engage in knowledge-transfer with your team, offering your company the ability to license our compensation software and fully manage your compensation structure starting now and well into the future.

Incentive Compensation Systems

We design incentive-compensation systems that provide evaluation criteria and target payout amounts for employees at all levels, to reward actions creating value for shareholders and the company.

Our incentive compensation systems identifies and rewards stretch levels of performance, i.e. an employee going above and beyond and making a tremendous effort to achieve a personal and/or professional goal.

Executive Compensation Strategies

We link value creation for shareholders and the company, with key executive evaluation criteria and compensation strategies that are personally motivating and effective.

Our executive compensation plan directly correlates company-specific goals and metrics—to a variety of compensation elements and funding strategies—that are externally competitive and appropriate for the unique expertise and value provided by your key executives.