Is your company (or your client’s company) in this situation?

  • Seeking a more sustainable ownership model
  • Desire to reward employees and provide growth opportunities
  • Shareholders want to receive fair market value for their business
  • Shareholders wish to preserve the company’s legacy



What is an ESOP Feasibility Study?

GBQ’s ESOP feasibility studies are designed to provide all of the information needed to determine whether a sale to an ESOP will fit the objectives of all stakeholders.  Utilizing our experience from participating in hundreds of ESOP transactions, our comprehensive ESOP feasibility studies provide a “blueprint” for what a transaction will look like, including each of the following components:

  • Comprehensive valuation analysis of the company
  • Transaction financing alternatives
  • Post-transaction cash flow analysis
  • Illustration of selling shareholder proceeds
  • Illustration of benefit levels to management and employees
  • Evaluation of synthetic equity plans (warrants, stock appreciation rights, etc.)
  • Comparison to a third-party sale