Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in our 8th annual Perspectives event this past Friday.  We had good attendance and a wide variety of speakers and topics.

  • New Approaches to Serving Our Communities –  Social Enterprise and Impact Investing: Allen Proctor (Center for Social Enterprise Development and CINCO) and Patrick Westerlund (Tony R. Wells Foundation) spoke on the importance of nonprofit organizations investigating social enterprise and the opportunities to increase revenue to further their mission.  There was discussion of opportunities in our community and several examples of local nonprofits that have successfully implemented social enterprise ventures.
  • Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing Update: Jennifer Osburn (GBQ) discussed new accounting and auditing guidance that has been released and is being discussed.  The most important topic this year is the new revenue recognition standards and looking at how these will impact nonprofit organizations.
  • Top Ten Tax-Exempt Issues for Non-Profits: Darci Congrove (GBQ) and Melissa Rager (GBQ) provided information on issues that nonprofits face in their reporting, including fundraising, UBIT and officer compensation.  Both cited examples from their own experiences with clients and in board positions.
  • Common IT Risks and How to Avoid Them: Mike Dickson (GBQ) presented on information technology risks that nonprofits should be aware of and considering when facing risk management decisions.  Much of this discussion was focused on simple steps that smaller organizations can take to mitigate IT risks.
  • Policy Issues to Support Growing an Endowment and Working with Your Development Staff: Steven Moore (The Columbus Foundation) discussed building an endowment fund and the policies that go along with having a successful endowment fund.  He discussed his work with both non-profits and donors and shared important considerations for the non-profits when starting or growing a fund.

The feedback was excellent and we look forward to seeing you again in October, when we will resume our usual event timing.

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