If you are like most non-profits, new board members are on-boarded each year. This is a very important process as these board members are responsible for oversight of the non-profit and should take their responsibility very seriously. If you don’t already, you should consider providing training during this on-boarding process, so the individual can learn about the organization, their responsibilities, and the expectations in place for them.

Beyond their first year, you should be providing all board members an annual training. This should be a mandatory session, informing them of changing rules that must be adhered to, as well as keeping them apprised of the non-profit’s direction. This should be more than what is covered in regular board meetings and should really go into detail related to the responsibilities of the board member as well.

So what are those responsibilities? There are four that are defined by the Attorney General of the State of Ohio:

  • Duty of Care
  • Duty of Loyalty
  • Duty to Maintain Accounts
  • Duty of Compliance

We have written about these responsibilities in previous articles and we also provide training on this topic, in a webinar that you or your board members can join. It is important to take these responsibilities very seriously and ensure the integrity of your board. Board members represent your organization in the community, and ultimately play a very important role in the success of your organization.


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