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Oct 6

Central Ohio Workforce Summit: Addressing Workforce Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

Hear from GBQ Managing Director Darci Congrove and regional leaders as they discuss the current state of our workforce including effective recruiting and retention strategies.
Oct 6

Women at Work Conference: Charting Your Future

Register to join our Human Resources Senior Manager Director Beth Mast and industry experts as they provide the latest news and advice on improving your skills, connecting with opportunities, and inspiring you towards your future.
Oct 13

Cyber Security Forum

As a proud sponsor, GBQ invites you to join our Information Technology Director Doug Davidson as well as industry experts as they provide the latest news and advice related to what the pace of change and the variety of potential threats means for business leaders.
Oct 20

2022 Great Lakes Regional Conference

Listen to our Valuation & Financial Opinion Services Directors Brian Bornino, Joe Borowski, and Eric Dollin, as well as industry experts as they explore AHI's journey to ESOP ownership, explain how today's issues are impacting ESOP valuations and repurchase obligations and discuss the trustee’s review of the valuation report.

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