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GBQuittin’ Time: Networking with a Twist

November 30th, 2012 by Mary Stucke

Are you a young professional striving for success?  Have you ever wanted to network and build relationships in a setting that wasn’t dominated by senior management?  Do you like any opportunity that gives you the chance to eat free food and win prizes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then GBQuittin’ Time may be a perfect opportunity for you!

GBQuittin’ Time is a quarterly networking event that provides a relaxed environment for young Columbus professionals to visit with and get to know employees of GBQ and associates of other local businesses.  It allows young professionals to strengthen their networking skills and develop relationships that will provide great benefits later in their careers. 

Networking is an often-overlooked, but very important, requirement of any business professional.  There are many benefits to building business relationships.  Strong business relationships give professionals the opportunity to market and cross-sell business lines to potential clients as well as strengthen their brands.  The issue many young professionals encounter is finding the time and opportunity to develop the professional networks that allow for these benefits. 

In the words of Judd Ballard, a member of the GBQuittin’ Time planning committee, “You can’t measure the benefit of creating business relationships early on in your career with professionals who may someday be in a position of leadership that could turn to you for help, assistance, work, etc. or may refer an associate of theirs for the same reasons.  The value of networking or just learning to network is typically immeasurable while it’s actually taking place.”

These reasons make GBQuittin’ Time all the more enticing and a “can’t miss” opportunity!

Look for an invitation from one of our associates or email if you’re interested in attending our next event. 

* Thank you to Tobin Perril and Meghan Buxton, Assurance Staff for their contribution to this post.

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