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Pelotonia – Team GBQ

May 24th, 2011 by Wade Kozich

At our firm meeting last Friday, we officially kicked off the 2011 GBQ Pelotonia team. Our goal this year is to have 20 GBQ riders, which would be tremendous for a firm of just over 100 people. I have been appointed Team Captain and am very excited.

Almost anyone can ride a bike and nearly everyone has had a friend or family member affected by cancer. Pelotonia has one goal: end cancer. We cannot do it alone, but together we can be a piece of the solution.  Pelotonia is a great way to stand up and say,  “I will do something.”

Riding in Pelotonia is not easy. You must help raise money and ride anywhere from 30 to 180 miles. The ride is a great test and can be grueling depending on your physical condition and the distance you choose to go. Pelotonia is not meant to be easy, because fighting cancer is not something that can be done without a great effort. It is meant for those who want a challenge and want to do something that they will never forget for a good cause. Of all the events I have been involved with over the years in Columbus, none is more uplifting and inspiring than riding in Pelotonia.

Click here to learn more or feel free to email me directly. Click here to join our team or donate. Check out our photos from Pelotonia 2010. We would love to have you.

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