Robert A. Biehl, CPA, CCIFP was awarded the Debra Hahn Memorial Award at this year’s Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) annual conference in San Antonio.

The Debra Hahn Memorial Award was created by CFMA’s Executive Committee on July 14, 1991 as a remembrance of Debra Hahn, who died in a plane crash on March 18, 1991. Debra was one of the founders of CFMA’s Charlotte, NC Chapter, a former member of the Board of Directors, and treasurer of the Massachusetts Chapter at the time of her death. This Memorial Award recognizes outstanding CFMA participation and activity on both the local chapter and National levels. It is given each year to that CFMA General or Associate Member who exemplifies the following:

  • Enthusiasm in the promotion of CFMA
  • Contribution at the local chapter level (including participation in CFMA functions and committees)
  • Involvement at the National level (including participation in CFMA functions and committees)
  • Activities that support CFMA’s Mission and Strategic Goals
  • Consideration for, and service to, fellow CFMA members
  • Significant years of contributions to CFMA

Bob joined GBQ in 1987 and provides audit, accounting, litigation support and management consulting to over 50 construction and construction related entities. He serves as the firm’s Director of Construction Industry Services and is involved in the maintenance of the firm’s quality control standards for construction clients.

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