It’s a fact: If your business is not fully protected, cyber threats are not a matter of “if” something might happen but a matter of when it will happen.

Don’t be in the “when” category.
We can help to get you prepared and protected.

GBQ’s IT strategy, enterprise risk, and cybersecurity services focus on greatly reducing your risk against these threats. Our digital forensics and incident response services are aimed at helping you be prepared to be responsive and resilient in the event of something bad happening, as well as assisting you during those times that it may happen.

We help to prepare you and your business for a security incident and ensure that we have the proper controls in place to protect you from a potential security breach. We work to reduce your risk and prevent those breaches, and – should those online bullies get through – we have a team of forensic investigators in place to evaluate how they got through, and then we work to combat that from ever happening, again.

We can—and will—protect you. That’s our job.

Services include:

  • Incident response planning
  • Incident Response exercises
  • Incident handling and responses
  • Digital forensics