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Network Security Assessments

GBQ offers optional external, internal, wireless, and social engineering assessments targeted at specific technology assets. A specific fee quote will be provided depending upon the number of servers/devices/applications/locations to be included in the assessments.

  • External Network Security Assessments focus efforts on security of external facing routers, firewalls, remote access connections (VPNs), and Internet accessible servers.
  • Internal Network Security Assessments focus on components of the internal network infrastructure including servers, workstations, storage systems, databases looking for vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to system. We will also      review operating systems and device patch management practices.
  • Wireless Security Assessments will look at access point configurations and placement, broadcast signal patterns, network segmentation for visitors, and management practices for multiple access points.
  • Social Engineering Assessments include attempts to gain access to systems or data by phishing, solicitation, e-mail, or by physical access to sensitive areas.


  • Michael Dickson
  • Director of Information Technology Services
  • (614) 947-5259