Article written by:
Sara Robertson
Marketing Director


Can you believe it’s officially 2018? We decided to kick off the New Year with a look back at our most popular content from 2017. From tax reform to the deductibility of alimony, the following kept you busy reading last year:

  1. When Is My Inventory Worthless or Worth Less?
  2. Tax Reform
  3. The Market Approach: Pros, Cons and Other Considerations
  4. New Employee Retention Credit for Employers Impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria
  5. Top 5 Reasons Why EBITDA Multiples Are Dangerous
  6. Why Are So Many Businesses Selling?
  7. Why You May Want to Accelerate Your Property Tax Payment Into 2017
  8. Clarification On The Treatment For Partner-Employees
  9. Deductibility of Alimony – A thing of the past?
  10. Companies Restate Financial Results For A Variety of Reasons

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