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Vacation home owners: Adjusting rental vs. personal use might save taxes

by Melissa Rager

With summer drawing to a close, if you own a vacation home that you both rent out and use personally, it’s a good time to review the potential tax consequences: If you rent it out for less than 15 days, you don’t have to report the income. But expenses associated with the rental won’t be […]

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The 21st Century of Accounting: Technology Update

by Associate

While the public accounting industry transitions from a paper-oriented environment to the digital world, this is not exactly a new concern for business; technological enhancements continue to make the lives of those employed in the industry and related clients much easier, which ultimately improve audit and tax engagement efficiencies. One particular task that all practices […]

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Grandchild in college this fall? Paying tuition could save gift and estate taxes

by Melissa Rager

Now’s the time of year when many young adults are about to head back to college — or to enter their first year of higher education. If you have a grandchild who’ll be in college this fall and you’re concerned about gift and estate taxes, you may want to consider paying some of his or […]

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Installment sales offer both pluses and minuses

by Melissa Rager

A taxable sale of a business might be structured as an installment sale if the buyer lacks sufficient cash or pays a contingent amount based on the business’s performance. An installment sale also may make sense if the seller wishes to spread the gain over a number of years — which could be especially beneficial […]

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Cyber Security Risks Can Be Mitigated With a Simple Common Sense Approach

by Mike Dickson

It is almost impossible to get through a week without hearing about a new cyber security breach. Considering the first web browser is not even 20 years old, and e-commerce did not really start to evolve for several years after that, the “Threat Landscape” has rapidly evolved from unsophisticated outside attackers to sophisticated hackers and […]

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