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Bringing a Brand to Life

by Judd Ballard

In the last few months I’ve read countless blogs about CPA firms establishing and living a brand, but the topic has picked up steam this week as a fellow competitor fights to end its own brand identity crisis. It’s a challenge all firms are willing to embrace, as the benefits are often unspoken for, yet […]

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Save tax – or at least defer it – by carefully timing business income and expenses

by Associate

The first step to smart timing is to project your business’s income and expenses for 2015 and 2016. With this information in hand, you can determine the best year-end timing strategy for your business. If you expect to be in the same or lower tax bracket in 2016, consider: Deferring income to 2016. If your […]

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Your exec comp could be subject to the 0.9% additional Medicare tax or the 3.8% NIIT

by Associate

The additional Medicare tax and net investment income tax (NIIT) apply when certain income exceeds the applicable threshold: $250,000 for married filing jointly, $125,000 for married filing separately, and $200,000 for other taxpayers. The following types of executive compensation could be subject to the 0.9% additional Medicare tax if your earned income exceeds the applicable […]

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In Case You Hadn’t Heard…What Happens When Fantasy Sports and Fraud Coverage?

by Keith Hock

As a boy, I loved playing baseball and basketball simulation games. Each turn of the game card was filtered through a player card based on actual statistics to create a hit or an out, a basket or a rebound. I would then compile the stats accumulated by my fictional teams (yes, I was a number-cruncher […]

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Should you “bunch” medical expenses into 2015?

by Associate

Medical expenses that aren’t reimbursable by insurance or paid through a tax-advantaged account (such as a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account) may be deductible — but generally only to the extent that they exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income. Taxpayers age 65 and older can enjoy a 7.5% floor through 2016. The […]

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