GBQ recognizes the importance of developing and retaining the best and brightest people to serve our clients effectively and efficiently while fulfilling their career aspirations. Founded in 2005, GBQ’s women’s initiative (wGBQ) was formed by the women of GBQ, for the women of GBQ and focuses its efforts on developing programs and activities to enhance the gender diversity of the GBQ workforce and mirror diversity in senior level positions at the firm.

The mission of wGBQ is to enhance the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. Our focus includes:

  • creating a forum to facilitate women learning from one another
  • providing opportunities for women to get involved in the community
  • increasing the awareness of women successes
  • providing peer support for career challenges specific to women


  • Professional networking events with female clients and referral sources.
  • A monthly, informal mentoring program in which junior wGBQ members are randomly paired with a senior wGBQ member for lunch.
  • Monthly luncheons featuring dynamic women leaders from current and prospective GBQ clients.
  • Raising the professional and social profiles of our female associates through various social networking activities and volunteer efforts.

For more information on our women’s initiatives, contact Sara Robertson or Rebekah Smith.