Webinar length:  60 min.


You’ve researched an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and are intrigued. You think an ESOP might be an attractive solution for you and your company, but you want to understand exactly what an ESOP would look like for your company. It may be time for an ESOP Feasibility Study.

Join Valuation & Financial Opinion Services Directors Brian Bornino and Eric Dollin for a presentation designed for business owners considering a sale to their employees through an ESOP. Attendees will receive a concise overview of ESOPs and their advantages, before taking a deep dive into the key questions answered by an ESOP feasibility study, including:

  • How will my company be valued in an ESOP transaction?
  • How is the transaction financed and when will the sellers receive their proceeds?
  • How do the operations of my company change after the ESOP is in place?
  • What are the benefits to selling shareholders, management, and employees?
  • How can an ESOP transaction be structured?
  • How much does it cost and how long does it take to implement an ESOP?
  • Successful case studies

*To be eligible for CPE credit you must have attended the live session of the webinar and have completed and submitted the required documentation.


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Brian Bornino
Director of Valuation & Financial Opinion Services
Eric Dollin
Director, Valuation & Financial Opinion Services
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