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Audit & Tax Talk

Description: We’ll share our expertise and simplify the technical without boring you (too much).

Most recent post: IRS Provides Employers Three Additional Months to Claim Work Opportunity Tax Credit

On June 17, 2016, the IRS issued Notice 2016-40 which provides additional transition relief to eligible employers who want to claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Employers now have until September 28, 2016 to file the necessary forms to claim the credit for eligible employees hired from January 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016. […]

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Bob's Construction Accounting Chat

Description: As Director of Construction Industry Services at GBQ Partners LLC, I find that prior to construction companies becoming a GBQ client, they think all CPAs do is accounting and tax work. I have found through my experience and expertise that helping contractors understand their risks can help them avoid failure. Along with helping contractors understand risk, it is important to help them plan for success and help them understand the impact of the decisions that are made on their company’s balance sheet and income statement.

Most recent post: Open & Closed Job Schedules – Underutilized Tools in Most Construction Companies

As hard as it is to believe, the open and closed job schedules are probably two of the most underutilized tools in most construction companies.  Of course the surety’s, banks and accounting firms like GBQ use these schedules to help analyze the company’s past and future financial performance.  But all too often, the only reason […]

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Business Technology Group

Description: Technology, like your business, is constantly changing. We will help you sort out the good from the not-so-good, identify and mitigate risks that come with the use of technology, and keep you informed of significant developments that might impact how your business uses technology.

Most recent post: Cyber Security Risks Can Be Mitigated With a Simple Common Sense Approach

It is almost impossible to get through a week without hearing about a new cyber security breach. Considering the first web browser is not even 20 years old, and e-commerce did not really start to evolve for several years after that, the “Threat Landscape” has rapidly evolved from unsophisticated outside attackers to sophisticated hackers and […]

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Case In Point

Description: Case In Point will explore relevant and newsworthy topics relating to economic damages, bankruptcy, forensic accounting, and fraud, highlighting breaking case decisions, case studies, how to build a financial case, and things to know just in case.

Most recent post: In Case You Hadn’t Heard…To Dip or Double Dip, That Is The Question

The Tenth District Court of Appeals recently upheld a trial court’s decision that found that double dipping was not inequitable under the facts and circumstances. This case, Gallo v. Gallo, 10th Dist. No. 15AP-442, 2016-Ohio-3530 (“Gallo II”), had been previously appealed based on the argument that the trial court improperly “double dipped” in awarding spousal […]

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GBQ Exchange

Description: Sharing conversational insights related to what we’re seeing in the marketplace: client work, industry trends, and commonly asked questions. Our focus is to create a conversation around all things accounting.

Most recent post: This Global Warming is Freezing!

We all woke up this morning hoping to avoid the outdoors, hoping for a day off on account of…the cold? If you are as unfortunate as I am to be without a garage, you had the luxury of scraping deep set ice off of your windshield for at least 20 minutes, while your car took […]

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GBQ News & Culture

Description: Because accountants don’t have to be square. Tune in for an inside look at the day to day happenings of GBQ.

Most recent post: Hashtag New Main

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Media Preview of our #NewMain Library…what an amazing place!   If you want a true journalistic preview, you should probably head on over to Columbus Business First, The Columbus Dispatch or something of the like. In the meantime, here were some highlights (beyond getting to check out the […]

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Valuation Observations

Description: Our professionals have extensive experience in the valuation arena and our blog is our way to provide you with insights and analysis of everything BV.

Most recent post: Your Fantasy Football Team: It’s All About Valuation

It’s time to renew that subscription to your fantasy football league website; start razzing your fellow owners on the message boards, and most importantly, prepare your draft strategy. Fantasy football has evolved over the years to become its own industry.  With an estimated 26+ million players in the U.S., fantasy football generates roughly $2 billion annually – a […]

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