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Audit & Tax Talk

Description: We’ll share our expertise and simplify the technical without boring you (too much).

Most recent post: The Life of an Intern at GBQ

Hi, I’m Shane Haney, and I spent the summer in the tax department at GBQ. This fall, I’ll be heading back to Miami University to finish my undergraduate degree in Accountancy and minor in Business Analytics. I’ll then start working on my Masters of Accountancy in the combined program in order to reach my 150 […]

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Bob's Construction Accounting Chat

Description: As Director of Construction Industry Services at GBQ Partners LLC, I find that prior to construction companies becoming a GBQ client, they think all CPAs do is accounting and tax work. I have found through my experience and expertise that helping contractors understand their risks can help them avoid failure. Along with helping contractors understand risk, it is important to help them plan for success and help them understand the impact of the decisions that are made on their company’s balance sheet and income statement.

Most recent post: Life Long Learning – The Key to being the Best Construction Financial Professional You Can Be (continued)

As I wrote back in the summer, CPA’s are required to obtain 40 hours and CCIFP’s (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional) are required to obtain 24 hours of continuing education classes each year.  At the AICPA National Construction Industry Conference held this past December 6 & 7 in Las Vegas, I continued my journey towards meeting those […]

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Information Technology Services

Description: Technology, like your business, is constantly changing. We'll help you sort out the good from the not-so-good, identify and mitigate risks that come with the use of technology, and keep you informed of significant developments that might impact how your business uses technology.

Most recent post: We Could Have Prevented WannaCry

If you were one of the 200,000+ (and counting) individuals who were impacted by the WannaCry ransomware attacks, you have my sympathy. You really do. That goes triple for all of my IT/InfoSec brothers- and sisters-in-arms who spend dozens of hours every week trying to protect organizations from attacks like this one. And launching the […]

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Case In Point

Description: Case In Point will explore relevant and newsworthy topics relating to economic damages, bankruptcy, forensic accounting, and fraud, highlighting breaking case decisions, case studies, how to build a financial case, and things to know just in case.

Most recent post: Are Your Buy-Sell Agreements Addressing Issues Now or Causing Distress Later?

Owning a successful business can provide a steady income, a growing net worth and security for families and future generations. Achieving these objectives can also be challenging – especially when there are multiple shareholders in a privately-held company with no market for its stock. In an effort to provide a mechanism for shareholders to sell […]

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GBQ Exchange

Description: Sharing conversational insights related to what we’re seeing in the marketplace: client work, industry trends, and commonly asked questions. Our focus is to create a conversation around all things accounting.

Most recent post: Remembering Our Founder, Jack Boyle

On November 8, 2012 our last founding and namesake partner, Jack Boyle passed away. His obituary appeared in The Columbus Dispatch and we placed a memorial ad in Columbus Business First last week to celebrate his life and story. I wanted to take a minute to tell you what Jack meant to the firm and […]

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GBQ News & Culture

Description: Because accountants don’t have to be square. Tune in for an inside look at the day to day happenings of GBQ.

Most recent post: Empowered for More at Book Club Express

(Post by Brittney Lovdal) I had the opportunity to attend wGBQ’s “Book Club Express” this week and enjoyed the experience far more than I was expecting! I generally scoff at the idea of a book club because I have never been much of a reader, but when I saw how relevant and interesting the articles […]

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Valuation Observations

Description: Our professionals have extensive experience in the valuation arena and our blog is our way to provide you with insights and analysis of everything BV.

Most recent post: Why You Shouldn’t Have a Formula in Your Buy-Sell Agreement

In many buy-sell agreements, the buyout clause for shares of privately-held stock is determined by a valuation formula, such as “shares will be purchased at a 4 or 5 times multiple of the company’s most recent year EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) as defined by GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) upon death, […]

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