Webinar length:  30 min.


Today, more than ever, companies are falling victim to the scam, Business Email Compromise (“BEC”). This cybercrime can impact a company’s security posture, creating a multitude of cybersecurity threats.

Join GBQ Director of Information Technology Doug Davidson, GBQ Director, Accounting & Business Advisory Jeremy Bronson, as well as Oswald Vice President, Cyber Strategic Leader Lacy Rex and Oswald Vice President, Market Leader, Toledo Michael Casey for this interactive webinar as we review defensive efforts against BEC, including:

  • Identify BEC attack techniques and classifications
  • Discuss solutions to help protect your business
  • Self-help tutorial


Business Email Compromise Checklist

DIY Business Email Compromise Security Self Assessment


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Doug Davidson
Director of Information Technology Services
Jeremy Bronson
Director, Accounting & Business Advisory Services
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