In everything we do, we demonstrate our commitment to empowering growth through sound business practices. Our governance structures, policies and processes promote a culture of accountability and ethical conduct and support our commitment to address global challenges through our core business.

We take empowering growth seriously, and we’ve set bold goals to hold ourselves accountable and uphold GBQ’s integrity through the ways in which we operate.


Compliance Policies

  • Triennial ethics training
  • Annual independence checks
  • Acceptance & Retention Committee (ARC) for all new clients
  • Professional liability training
Ethical Responsibility

  • The Better Business Bureau’s most prestigious honor, GBQ, has been recognized for its commitment to integrity and ethical practices by being selected as a recipient in 2014 and 2022.
Culture of Accountability

  • Illustrate top management accountability via seven principles
  • Expectations of integrity, confidentiality, and responsibility to GBQ and the community
  • Regularly solicit feedback via internal and external satisfaction surveys