While many of my coworkers continue to be overly impressed with my impeccable journalism and editorial skills, even more have come to me with their ideas and suggestions on what they’d like to hear more of, or what I should consider blogging about. My quick answer, “write your own (insert colorful adjective) blog!” In all honesty, it has been a challenge maintaining humorous content yet attempting to veer off course and even considering making this industry-relevant. I’ve invited several individuals to take part in writing their own piece (i.e. guest blogger Jeff Monsman this summer), but I tell them upfront I have the last say in what gets posted (even that is not actually true).

However, one worthy suggestion that has been tossed out is fitting in an occasional Q&A with any number of GBQ’s internal niche service leaders. And to that, I started making a list. And no sooner than making said list did I have my first volunteer flagging me down in the parking garage on a Friday morning. And around here, you pretty much do whatever Michelle Galligan asks you to do!

I met Michelle in 2015 when GBQ formed a joint venture with her company, Keep Financials, and I could tell right away we had the same energy and passion for our professional pursuits. She also wasted no time putting me in my place, calling me “John” the very day after I met her (almost as bad as Wade calling me “Bud” from 2008 through 2010, before I realized he calls everyone that).

The following conversation was initially meant to be a “vlog,” but we just couldn’t find the time to get it appropriately recorded for your enjoyment, so the back and forth took place as follows (edited to remove several disparaging remarks from Michelle about my home office setup)…

Judd: “Michelle, you’ve been on my case for several months now about wanting to be a part of GBQueue and the Laundry Closet; what’s the deal?”

Michelle: “Well, my friend, not that I need to make your head any bigger, but it’s been brought to my attention your whopping 92 followers and sad weekly attempt at humor is driving a significant amount of web traffic and interest to GBQ through both LinkedIn and the firm’s webpage. If we’re honest, you’re not getting anywhere in life with 92 followers, buddy.”

Judd: “Let’s not kid ourselves, I’d be happy to meet an accountant that you know personally who is funnier than me! Rich Lundy doesn’t count. Now how can I help you and Keep Financials?”

Michelle: “Sales pitch, of course, what else are you good for? Visibility. We need more visibility of our brand and the services we provide through GBQ for businesses of all sizes, all over town. Jessica (Cartee) has been reading your blogs, her husband thinks you’re made for prime time, and she seems to think this (and all avenues of digital media for that matter) could be the right forum to spread our love during this pandemic.”

Judd: “Fine, where do you want to begin? I know enough to be dangerous (typical accountant line), but here’s your chance to tell me what the hell is going on out there in the world of Keep Financials .”

Michelle: “Well, we’re helping entrepreneurs and business owners alleviate their accounting headaches. Our virtual bookkeeping services get them financials by the 15th of every month, and our outsourced CFOs help them make good business decisions. Let’s get real – no one wants to do their own books or build cash flow models. We keep their books and build their models so they can keep their time and build their business.”

Judd: “What are you learning from businesses now while they navigate what appears to be the upside of a potential pandemic and economic recovery?”

Michelle: “Every industry is different, but most of our clients did a great job of reacting quickly and right-sizing expenses to weather the storm and come out strong on the other side. Great businesses are made in downturns, and those who invest and innovate now will reap the rewards down the road. We’re here to help everyone position themselves to succeed.”

Judd: “What is it about Keep Financials that has us positioned so well to help businesses?”

Michelle: “We’re easy to work with. We do quality work. We deliver what we say we will and on time. Plus, our marketing is relatable. We’re just real people.”

Judd: “If you could tell the blogosphere (or 92 people) one thing about Keep Financials, what would it be?”

Michelle: “We’re here to make entrepreneur life easier.”

You heard it here first; Michelle will make your life easier (because no one ever wrote in their business plan that they wanted to do their own financials). Don’t just take our word for it – find out for yourself! Pro tip: visit Keep Financials to learn more.

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