Are you concerned about GDPR? Should you be? Never heard of GDPR? In short, GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is an EU data protection regulation with extra-territorial applicability. The GDPR will replace the existing EU Data Protection Directive. See more here:

Does GDPR affect your organization?

  1. The GDPR applies broadly to all organizations that are established in the EU. “Established” may mean brick and mortar or just employees or “operations”.
  2. The GDPR also applies to organizations established outside of the EU, if the organization:
  • Offers goods or services (including online sales) to data subjects in the EU; or
  • Monitors the behavior of data subjects in the EU; or
  • Provides services to an entity described above

GBQ’s IT Services team can help you work through GDPR, managing the risk and ensure you are in compliance. For more information, contact Doug Davidson at

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