Article written by:
Doug Davidson, CISA
Director of Information Technology Services

Many IT teams have quickly, and on short notice, performed heroic deeds in reorganizing IT systems to support employees working from home. Our concern is that this has pushed most companies’ weakest security link – the employee – into an environment – their home – that is not protected as well as the office work environment.

Self-assess your work-from-home infrastructure.

Now is the time to assess the cyber risks in new working environments. We are pleased to provide access to our webinar recording “DIY Security: Self-Access Your COVID-19 Remote Infrastructure” in a downloadable format. Within the webinar, we include a self-assessment tool to help your IT team quickly assess the risks of your remote setup. The tool equips an IT team with a quick way of asking the security questions we raise in the webinar and rating your firm’s current work-from-home infrastructure.

Train your staff to securely work from home.

To comply with social distancing and work-from-home orders, we have pushed several employees out into environments that are often less safe from a cybersecurity perspective than the office network they left a few weeks ago.

Training our employees to work securely in the home environment is an important step in protecting your business. GBQ’s security awareness training and phishing testing partner, KnowBe4, has provided resources to assist you in these efforts, including Tips to Stay Safe Working From Home, a 10-point infographic to aid your team in operating securely in a remote environment.

Additionally, KnowBe4 enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day. We encourage you to explore Kevin Mitnick’s Home Internet Security course used to assist us in protecting yourself.

    • To access the complimentary course, cut and paste this link ( into your browser, or click here.
    • Password: homecourse

We present these resources in the spirit of the DIY movement. Should you require assistance or additional information, please contact Doug Davidson, Director of IT Services, at

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