Many data workflows and reports. One platform.


Since our inception, GBQ’s Construction Industry Services team has built a solid practice of leaning into the industry’s challenges and empowering growth through unique and creative tax, accounting and consulting solutions. We take your growth personally; that’s why we’ve partnered with ProNovos, a cloud-based construction software provider. Together, we provide advanced analytics, financial workflows, and a project management solution to create a seamless connection between the office and the field, empowering accounting, executives, and the project team to focus on growth while saving time and protecting profits along the way.

Seamlessly integrating with your company’s existing systems, ProNovos provides solutions to advance your business goals through the power of real-time data in one accessible spot.

  • Automate Data Flow
    Streamline your reporting process and eliminate time-consuming tasks such as executing search queries, gathering spreadsheet data, and manual data entry.
  • Executive and Project-Level Insights
    Utilize 20+ dashboard templates to examine up-to-the-minute information on profit, revenue, cash flow, and project performance.
  • Project Management Tools
    Bring your teams together in a single location to access and update project information, enhancing visibility and tracking project advancement.