GBQ’s Government Services group is populated by professionals who possess—and deliver—a unique experience, technical expertise and strategic solutions. We are solely focused on working with our governmental clients to improve our communities and help to provide the specific resources they need to strengthen the areas they serve.

Our professionals can help you to develop strategies that improve your organization’s performance because we truly understand the complex issues you face every day.

Together, we can work to create a plan that not only helps your organization, but also the very people and communities you serve and support, every day.

Governmental organizations served:

  • Cities, villages and townships
  • Community and charter schools
  • Councils of government
  • Counties
  • Public entity risk pools; e.g. property, casualty, liability, healthcare
  • School districts
  • Special purpose governments and organizations:
    • Convention and visitors’ bureaus
    • Community improvement corporations
    • Metropolitan housing authorities
    • Port authorities
    • Water and sewer districts